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Product introduction

ZK5550 CNC drilling machine low speed with auto clamping

Zk5550 CNC drilling machine
Zk5550 CNC drilling machine is used for drilling of jointing plate.
This is multi-station machine,single-piece or several pieces overlapped both can be processed, which greatly improves the working efficiency.
This is a high-tech, high-reliability,high-precision also high-adaptability product that combines the technology of CNC control, digital servo system and precise mechanical drive, also it`s easy operation, operation just need to input the size of workpiece one time, and this date can be called for use repeat, no need to edit complicated programme,it`s the most ideal and high efficient plate drilling machine.
  • ZK5550
  • Newvision
  • 8459210000
  • Max. workpiece size: one: 2000*1500mm
  • Max. workpiece size: two: 1500*1000mm
  • Max. workpiece size: four: 1000*750mm
  • Max. workpiece thickness: 80mm
  • Max. drilling diameter: 50mm
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Zk5550 CNC drilling machine
Zk5550 CNC drilling machine is used for drilling of jointing plate.
This is multi-station machine,single-piece or several pieces overlapped both can be processed, which greatly improves the working efficiency.
This is a high-tech, high-reliability,high-precision also high-adaptability product that combines the technology of CNC control, digital servo system and precise mechanical drive, also it`s easy operation, operation just need to input the size of workpiece one time, and this date can be called for use repeat, no need to edit complicated programme,it`s the most ideal and high efficient plate drilling machine.

Machine model Zk5550
Max. Workpiece size one 2000×1500mm
two 1500×1000mm
four 1000×750mm
Max. Workpiece thickness 80mm
Max. Drilling diameter Φ50mm
Drilling power unit Rotation speed 120-150rpm/FC variable speed control
Feeding stroke 200mm
Feeding speed 20-280mm/min
Motor pow of main spindle 5.5kw
Quick-change splicing sleeve Mohs taper hole 4# 3#
Motor power Servo motor 2×1.0kw
Hydraulic system motor 2.2kw
Driving motor of chip removal device 0.75kw
Motor of cooling pump 0.45kw
Machine net weight 5000kg
Size(length×width×height) 4800×2400×2950

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