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Vertical Drilling Machine Z5050A

1.Main Application and Applicable Scope 2.1 Configuration of Machine Tool It is composed of a gear box, a spindle box, a circular upright, a worktable, a bracket, a base, an electric box and the like, wherein the gearbox is combined on the spindle box, the spindle box is sleeved on the upper part of circular upright, and is able to be moved up and down, and is located above the machine tool. The worktable is sleeved on the bracket, the bracket is sleeved in the middle of circular upright, and the circular upright is installed on the base. 2.2 Application It is able to drill, flare and ream holes, tap thread and ream planes, and is featured by large drilling capacity and large dimension range to hold processed parts. Therefore, it is not only suitable for part processing workshops, but also machine repair shop. The spindle box and worktable bracket can lift up and down along the upright, as well as rotating 180° clockwise or anticlockwise along the upright, the worktable also can rotate 180° clockwise and anticlockwise in the bracket. The spindle box worktable can rotate 45° clockwise and anticlockwise in transverse plane on the spindle box worktable, therefore, the machine tool is light, flexible and reliable for use. 2.Technical Parameters
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