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Steel Bottle Set Equipment

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Steel bottle hot circle closer is put certain diameter and length non slot pipe material into the main axis, the main oil jar hudraulic pressure compaction, startup main machine, speediness circumrotate, head part heating to the hot plastic temperature, them operate swing oil jar to driving closer film press on steel pipe, form to a certain radian surface. Steel bottle hot circle closer, its efficiency is very higher, suit for numbers of produce pressure case such as: Middle and small type fire extinguisher of fire protection, and any kinds gas pressure case.? The machine only adjust close film, can close mouth and close bottom. The mould instead convenience and shortcut. Whole course only need several minute, , and used for many purpose, can process any spec steel botle in the 180~80 range. The steel bottle hot circle closer is the new technics in the several years. It adopt hot press technics, great economize steel and resounce, is the new technics in the country. The machine absorb foreign advance technology, closing adopt Germanic afterbody oil jar, and circumrotate synchronization with main zxis, the machine can running stability. Internal many users have well effect after using.

Main axes rotated speed 300~400r/min
Motor power 15kw
Highest pressure of system 2.5MPa
Pusher of main jar 120KN
Pusher of close mould jar 50KN

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