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Lever Hoist HSH-9A

HSA series lever hist have advantage in small workplaces, outdoor aerial and variety of different angles of pulling. also in small size, light weight, beautiful appearance, pulling force is small, safe,reliable,long life and other significant advantages.
  • Newvision
  • 84251900
  • Rated load : 9T
  • Standard lifting height: 1.5m
  • Test load: 112KN
  • When loaded with lever: 360KN
  • Lifting chain lines: 3 lines
  • Lifting chain diameter: 10mm
  • Weight: 47kg
  • Packing size: 82cm*32cm*21.5cm
  • Lifting height every increase 1m increase weigth: 6.6kg
The main dimensions:
HSA series lever hist have advantage in small workplaces, outdoor aerial and variety of different angles of pulling. also in small size, light weight, beautiful appearance, pulling force is small, safe,reliable,long life and other significant advantages.
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Lever hoist
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