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Container turnover machine

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Our factory has good quality machining equipments,aduanced technology,sictific management system,can supply advance technology and stable quality and service to all clients. 

   CT-30 Container turnover machine technical parameters type name UNIT Model or parameters
1 The container size feet 20
2 Turn over Angle degrees 0~90
3 Loading capacity T 30
4 Box support force KN 1270
5 Box pull back force KN 700
6 Turn over cylinder
mm The cylinder diameter Φ180
The piston rod diameter Φ120
stroke 1800
7 The system maximum pressure Mpa 25
8 motor Y160M-4   15KW
9 Oil pump 63MCY14-1B
10 Platform height mm 1150
11 Loading height mm ≈7000
12 Connection fastening Angle lock (manual)×4
13 Operation form PL Program controlled automatic/manual (remote control)/manual
14 Main machine overall size mm 8500×3600×2800mm
15 Tank volume
16 Loading

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