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Product introduction


  • HCM 10A

Air-Cooled-Chiller Model HCM-10A

Refrigerating capacity: 25.5KW

Refrigerating capacity: 22000kcal

Compressor output: 10HP

Compressor Voltage: 380v/50hz,3ph

Evaporator: Spiral shell and tube

Condensor: Hydrophilic chip

Tank Volume: 90L

Fan Power: 0.65KW

Maximun flow rate of pump: 150L/Min

Maximun pressure of pump: 2KG/C

Tube outlet:: 1-½“

Tube iutlet:: 1-½“

Water replenish port:: ½“

Overflow port: ½“

Net Weight: 430kgs

Machine size (LxWxH): 1.50x0.88x1.56m