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Baler/Hydraulic Compressor Yd1600A

Scrap metal baler machine is used to cold compress the waste metal with a thickness below 2-5mm into lumps under the normal state,inorder to facilitate transportation or charging into the furnace.The machine is equipped with a quick-action device that improves the operation efficiency greatly.
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Hydraulic waste metal baler 1. Can press scrap thickness under 3mm 2. Turn over bale 3. Manual control Our machine has fast technolegy, which run faster than normal balers. 1. Product brief introduction: This hydraulic waste metal baler can cold compresses the light thin materials of dismounted automobile shells, Waste bucket, waste copper and aluminum into rectangle lumps. The package is discharged from the front and secondary compression is applied. The operation efficiency is high and lump lengths are identical and uniform. The hydraulic system applies an integrated valve block and the product is stable and reliable in technical performance. 2. Specification:
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