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Product introduction

100kn Hydraulic Punch Press for Aluminium Power Press Machine

1. Structure and features
This kind of press is universally used for plate processing,which is applied to shearing, punching,blanking, bending and shallow stretch. The series has structural features as follows:
The body of the press adopts casting structure with excellent anti-vibration.
The crankshaft of is placed horizontally, flywheel is palced outside, easy to be maintained.
The press adopts single key rigidity clutch.
The sturcture of the slide is like casting case with high rigidity. Inside the slide, there is a shearing block protector, whose structure is simple and after it is overloaded. The safe discs will be ruined. Thus, it protects the press and moulds from being harmed.
Slide set height adopts handy adjustment with disply and easy to adjust.
Trianle guide with simple structure and convenient to adjust.
  • J23-10D
  • Newvision
  • Capacity: 100kn
  • nominal force: 2mm
  • slide stroke: 0-60mm
  • max die height: 130mm
  • die height adjustment: 35mm
1. Structure and features
This kind of press is universally used for plate processing,which is applied to shearing, punching,blanking, bending and shallow stretch. The series has structural features as follows:
   The body of the press adopts casting structure with excellent anti-vibration.
   The crankshaft of is placed horizontally, flywheel is palced outside, easy to be maintained.
   The press adopts single key rigidity clutch.
   The sturcture of the slide is like casting case with high rigidity. Inside the slide, there is a shearing block protector, whose structure is simple and after it is overloaded. The safe discs will be ruined. Thus, it protects the press and moulds from being harmed.
 Slide set height adopts handy adjustment with disply and easy to adjust.
 Trianle guide with simple structure and convenient to adjust.
 The press is also set with bimanual operation button and foot peadl to realize continuous, single and adjustment.
 The press is developed at the base of tradtional single turnkey rigidity clutch press and it is in conformity with national compulsory safety standard.
Die cushion optional.
Electrical grease lubrication system is optional.

Main model and specification

Unit JC23-6.3D J23-10D J23-16D J23-25D JG23-40D JC23-63D J23-80D
Capacity kn 63 100 160 250 400 630 800
Nominal force mm 2 2 2 2.5 4 4 5
Slide stroke mm 0-40 0-60 0-70 0-80 20-120 20-120 10-130
Spm Min-1 170 145 125 60 55 50 45
Die height
mm 105 130 170 180 220 260 270
Die height
mm 20 35 30 45 70 80 80
Between slide
mm 110 130 170 210 260 260 270
Bolster(fbxlr) mm 200x310 240x360 320x480 400x600 480x710 480x710 520x860
Bolster opening
(dia. Xfbxlr)
mm Φ60 Φ120×20
Φ100 Φ120 Φ220×25
Bolster thickness mm 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
Bolster Opening
mm Φ140×11×160 Φ130×90×180 Φ210×160×240 Φ180×130×260 Φ200×150×300 Φ250×200×340 Φ250×200×340
Slide area(fbxlr) mm 120×140 150×170 180×200 210×250 270×320 280×320 280×380
Shank hole
(dia. Xdpth)
mm Φ30×55 Φ30×55 Φ40×60 Φ40×70 Φ50×70 Φ50×80 Φ60×75
Max. Inclined angle ° 30° 30° 25° 25° 25° 25° 20°
Between column mm 150 180 220 260 300 350 410
Motor Power kw 0.75 1.1 .5 2.2 4 5.5 7.5
Outline size
mm 780×610
Net weight kg 360 600 1080 1900 3180 4218 5240

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